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The EVENTIM.Inhouse Marketing Module - the Integrated CRM Solution

Not only know what the customer wants, but also find out exactly who he/she is: a marketing task that INHOUSE can support in a professional and versatile manner using the integrated CRM (customer-loyalty software).

The system includes polished customer management with numerous details using differentiated customer attributes. 

An ABC analysis determines buying behaviour and customer value. 

Multi-stage campaign management also includes a performance review. Telephone promotions are supported using the Telemarketing Client - whilst always following legal regulations.

Marketing Automation with EVENTIM.Campaign

EVENTIM.Campaign provides new possibilities for marketing events. Automated and dynamic campaigns help to improve the customer relationship, thus resulting in a higher revenue.

By addressing your customers with customised mailings, and providing content that matters to them, you can increase the conversion rate. EVENTIM offers a "managed service" for setting up the campaigns and provides consulting and operation upon request.

Connecting External CRM Systems

Interfaces tried and tested over many years can link EVENTIM.Inhouse to external CRM systems from known manufacturers, if required.

To this end, the CES (Customer Exchange Service for bidirectional exchange of master data) and SES (Sales Export Service for the export of movement data) interfaces are used.

The CRM systems Combit © and Microsoft CRM © are supported, for example. The connection of other systems compatible with Microsoft ® Message Queue is possible on request.