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The Arts by Numbers

No matter what's happening – all theatres, opera houses and concert halls are faced with a great creative challenge: to harmonize their artistic and financial work, to sell more, and to gain an extensive overview.


To this end, the theatre manager wants to be able to be informed of the sales figures for the next few days, at any time and in any place. The CEO, on the other hand, needs the entire range for a rapid response: the administrative, box-office and statistical figures. And it's different again for financial accounting. They mainly need an accurate overview of all revenues and accounts. And don't forget the box-office manager. He or she has to be able, quickly and easily, to use the network of data from the box-office, call centre and web sales to be successful.

All Types of Statistics

EVENTIM.Inhouse offers numerous statistics, which help in sales, in preparing for events, as well as in postprocessing. Almost every statistic can be set up as necessary, and is available in both screen and print mode. Of course, reports can be exported, e.g. to MS Excel™, even for postprocessing.

Business Intelligence

Those who want independent analyses with frequently changing criteria use EVENTIM.Inhouse in association with Business Intelligence (BI). Each night, customer and sales data that has newly been added during the day is transferred automatically to a data warehouse, where it is available for all types of new analyses. 

Business Intelligence offers the following possibilities:

  • Personalised reporting
  • Ad hoc enquiries with varying questions
  • Automatic sending of reports by e-mail to different groups of users
  • Use via the Internet, e.g. using tablets (Citrix app required)

We offer three levels for using Business Intelligence:

  • BI including a set of standard reports (Standard)
  • Individual reports upon request including dispatch by e-mail (Service)
  • Standard reports and generation of own reports by the end user (Professional)


EVENTIM.Analytics is a data analysis tool developed by CTS EVENTIM, which provides detailed analyses concerning tickets sold per event or production. For this purpose, the tool offers queries such as break-even, benchmarks to compare events, and monitoring the success of marketing activities. Analyses concerning the distance travelled, or postal code, show where visitors come from.

This can help to understand visitor structures, in order to maximise ticket sales. The analyses are displayed in comprehensive graphics and diagrams with a responsive user interface – also fully available on mobile devices.