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Sales Channels

An Audience of Millions

"Sold out" is the aim of all activities - that's why we all are getting up each day. The central sales channels of each promoter are the official box office, their own ticket hotline and their own online shop.

However, average occupancy shows that almost all promoters have unused potential in visitor marketing.

In the online marketing of tickets, EVENTIM is hard to beat.

INHOUSE is connected live with the EVENTIM portals through the CONNECT ONLINE interface. Thus, entrance tickets from INHOUSE promoters are available through thousands of ticket outlets as well as in leading EVENTIM leisure portals, and optionally also available through cross-border traffic in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

As an INHOUSE customer, you can actively co-design your EVENTIM site: emotional, informative, direct, using the venue page, for example (you can find an example here), which we are happy to create to your requirements.


EVENTIM.Inhouse offers a webshop that can be extensively customised. Fonts, colours, logos and texts can be adapted to the client’s corporate design.

Via the webshop, single tickets, season tickets, vouchers and merchandising can be sold. Payment methods and delivery types can be configured as required. When it comes to season tickets, customers can change events (according to the set-up) or release single events in a subscription to send the ticket as print@home to a friend, if they cannot attend the event. 

A special feature concerning sold out events (or price categories) is the waiting list, to which customers can subscribe online. In case tickets become available again due to returns or released allocations, you can fulfil the customer's request in the back office. The payment can be handled by using the simple pay-per-link feature: here the customer receives a reservation email including a temporary payment link. After completing the payment, the customer can immediately print out the print@home or mobile ticket.

Ticket Portals

Under attractive brands, we operate the widest-reaching ticket portals in the market: More than 1,000,000 people visit EVENTIM websites every day. In Austria, for example, you will find us on the ticketing portal Oeticket, in Finland on Lippu, in Switzerland on Ticketcorner, in Italy on Ticketone, and in Germany under the brands EVENTIMTicketonline and Getgo.

Mobile Booking: EVENTIM Apps

EVENTIM offers apps for Apple's iOS and Google's Android for free download. Thus, all events supplied to the EVENTIM network through CONNECT ONLINE can also be booked using the apps. The app provides all the ease and favourite-seat selections that you expect.

Here, you can download the EVENTIM apps for Apple's iOS or Google's Android.

If Promoters offer their own apps the INHOUSE Webshop can be integrated for a seamless booking experience.

20,000 Ticket Outlets

The ticket outlet remains an important partner in modern multi-channel ticketing sales. With more than 20,000 ticket outlets, we operate the largest network of ticket outlets in Europe. 

In addition to more than 100 German publishing and media companies, these also include exclusive collaborations with renowned partners such as ADAC and TUI. These are interesting not only due to the wide range of outlets, but also offer attractive advertising services for ticket sales in their own media.

EVENTIM Flagship Store

Marketing Mix

With the EVENTIM marketing mix, you can additionally benefit from:

  • Accompanying marketing through professional search-engine optimisation
  • Direct marketing to over 4 million newsletter subscribers
  • Partner marketing through more than 50,000 affiliated partners 
  • More than 600 direct collaborative partners

And last but not least: EVENTIM naturally also offers social media applications for viral marketing.